Christmas Cookies and My Home Depot Yardstick Star

So this was probably one of my favorite Christmas crafts I found on Pinterest this year.  The Home Depot yardstick star.  I bought five of them for $1 each, hot glued them into a star shape, and then painted them with white chalk paint.  I love how it turned out.  I think I might keep it up all year round on my dining room wall. Every year we have a Christmas cookie decorating party for the boys and their friends.  They love it. Five dozen cookies later.... And here's my attempt at a vintage camper trailer cookie.  It may not..  - Read More

Mason Jar Crafts - Waterless Snow Globes and Putz Houses

I LOVE waterless snow globes.  They are one of my new favorite things to make.  Super easy and beautiful when they're done.  I found so many great ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.  All you need is mason jars or a cloche, some fake snow, bottle brush trees and other miniatures, cardboard houses, and some thick two way tape tabs or super glue.  I've made about six of these with my boys and want to make about 100 more.  I love how they turned out. Start out with some miniatures... And some cardboard Putz Houses.  I guess they're not really Putz..  - Read More

More Christmas Wrap Up

Did anyone do Elf On The Shelf?  Ok, dumb question.  So many people do it it's practically passe.  With that said, I do it...sometimes.  Like 5 out of the 25 days and I admittedly steal my ideas from Pinterest but change it up a little. I sent this photo of Goby being captured by a strange alliance between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire to my nephew Benny.   Evidently Goby's twin brother, Boby, was immediately angered by this and decided to take revenge upon members of both group down on Benny's planet, uh-- Los Angeles.  My boys thought this..  - Read More

Christmas Wrap Up

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.  Since I'm homeschooling this year I said I wouldn't be working as much.  I stuck to it.  Kinda.  Our house was still filled with lots of crafting, Christmas cookies, decorating, and some working. Have you seen the Lego Advent Calendars?  We finally got some this year.  There are three versions:  Star Wars, City, and Friends.  We got the Star Wars and City versions since we don't have any girls in this house. Everyone loves to open one gift a month early. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I LOVE vintage camper trailers.  One..  - Read More