New Designs for Summer!

Yay for summer and all of the yummy and fun things that go with it - fresh fruit salad, homemade ice cream, bbq's, camping, and smores!  The beach, the park, beautiful blossoms in your garden, and the glorious sunlight God has given us.

Welcome to our new website and blog!  I'm so excited to finally have everything almost finished.  We still have some products to add to the shop but for the most part it's all done.  Here are some of the new designs that are exclusive to the new shop.  I really love them all.  For the last year I've been inspired by everything shabby chic, farm girl, vintage, distressed, junking, vintage camper trailers, cottage chic, and so much else.  So take a look, take-a-lookers, and let me know what you think down in the comments below.

Circle of Love Necklace

Silver Sunshine Necklace

Lucky Heart Necklace

Pennant Banner Ring

Blackened Band of Love Rings {these come in a lighter antiqued silver as well!}

Rustic Secret Message Rings

One last thing, if you're here on our new site, you may be here from our previous one, ETC Jewelry.  Do not worry!  We're the same people and company, with the same mission to create great quality hand stamped jewelry and memorable keepsakes for you and your loved ones.  I just made the decision about one year ago that it was time for a name change and it's taken this long to get everything ready - a new website, trademarks, cards, logo, graphics, and everything else that goes into making your jewelry special and yours.  My previous company name was taken from the first initials of my three boys' names and combined to make ETC, but after a while it started to bug me a bit that everyone (and rightly so) thought my company name was "etcetera".  And so a decision to make a name change was born.  I came to our new company name out of a love of chickens and chicken coops but then quickly realized the name could also apply to another love of mine - vintage camper trailers!  Of which, I hope to have a few one day.

So thanks for visiting.  Please stop by often news and deals, as well as designs.  And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive 15% off your next purchase!


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