More Christmas Wrap Up

Did anyone do Elf On The Shelf?  Ok, dumb question.  So many people do it it's practically passe.  With that said, I do it...sometimes.  Like 5 out of the 25 days and I admittedly steal my ideas from Pinterest but change it up a little.

I sent this photo of Goby being captured by a strange alliance between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire to my nephew Benny.


Evidently Goby's twin brother, Boby, was immediately angered by this and decided to take revenge upon members of both group down on Benny's planet, uh-- Los Angeles.  My boys thought this was hysterical.

Immediately after this carnage a truce was called between all sides.  Unfortunately, Benny tells me it didn't last long.

Ahhh, well, so much for that.


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