Hi there!  So glad you stopped by.  I originally started stamping jewelry as a way to make some extra money while we were going through the process to adopt from Rwanda.  Sadly, that fell through after lots of money and over a year of waiting.  Despite our disappointment, we still have three happy healthy little boys - twins and an older brother.  We love them to pieces.

We're West Coast people with a heart and soul that longs for the South.  I find inspiration in anything shabby chic, distressed, rustic, vintage, and cow girl-ish.  I love vintage camper trailers, florals, TEXAS! (and Louisiana but let's face it, Texas in all caps is better from a marketing standpoint), British decor, and vintage colors like turquoise and red.  Chocolate is my weakness (ok, just sugar in general).  History fascinates me.  And I tend to enjoy the company of our "older" generation more than people my own age.  Camping in our 5th wheel is the best.  I watch way too much baseball.  And I love Jesus.

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