Casie Lea
Wednesday August 22, 2012
My favorite necklace is the Timothy. After we lost our 4 yr old daughter in a tragic accident I wanted something that encompassed our whole family, including our new baby. Beverly gave me a necklace that did just that while sticking to my simplistic taste and making it very pretty. Thank you, Beverly, for my beautiful keepsake. I look forward to acquiring more of your pieces, but this one will always hold a special place in my heart.
Kimberly Bowlin
Wednesday August 22, 2012
I LOVE the Kim hand stamped brac. It's beautiful!
Anne Hedgcock
Wednesday August 22, 2012
I really like the "Love Links" bracelet. I like how the hearts are like and how the stamping looks on the hearts. Really I love all your work. The first piece I saw was for Casie and I loved how the 2 discs with the birthstones inside looked. Very beautiful!
Wednesday September 28, 2011
Beverly: just got the two jewelry pieces and love them both. Thanks for sending them so quickly. The "Emily" style necklace with the added emerald beads will be a terrific confirmation/birthday gift for my niece.
Wednesday September 28, 2011
I LOVE my "Ashley & Andrew" necklace. I get comments on it all the time, and the people designs are really cute! It reminds me of my precious family every time I have it on, and I'm excited to add more disks! Bev is so creative and attentive to every detail in the process.
LeAnn Waters
Monday February 21, 2011
My necklace was a custom piece, layers of love with the natural stone chain. Its beautiful and would highly recommend to my friends and family.
Friday December 31, 2010
The necklace is so unique and really pretty. I appreciate you getting it to me so quickly and working with me to get the charms I wanted. I know my sister will love it. Thanks, Bev.
Friday December 31, 2010
I have purchased two necklaces. The first was a gift to me, representing my twins. The second is a Christmas gift for my mom, representing her kids and grandkids. I absolutely LOVE them.

Beverly, you are so creative. Everytime you come up with something new, I want it! I will definitely order another one of your creations.
Friday December 31, 2010
I love the nacklace I got for my mom. She said it was the best present she has ever received. Thanks!
Wednesday November 24, 2010
I couldn't wait for Christmas, so I gave the necklace you made for my sister to her as a Thanksgiving present. It brought tears to her eyes. She loves it!
Tuesday November 9, 2010
I love my custom "Erin" necklace! It was a wonderful surprise and is such a great way to celebrate the new baby on the way. I love that my husband is represented on it as well. I wear it all the time and get lots of compliments. Great job Bev!
Saturday November 6, 2010
the necklace is AWESOME! such a beautiful piece, and i cant wait to send you pictures of her wearing it!
Saturday November 6, 2010
I LOVE my Stacia necklace! I'm not a big jewelry person so this is perfect for me. Even when you don't know exactly what you want Bev comes up with great ideas to personalize each piece. Keep up the good work Bev!
Tuesday November 2, 2010
I ordered a necklace and couldn't have been more pleased. It means a lot to have a personalized piece of jewelry, especially when it's hand crafted by someone who takes great pride in what they do.
Cammie Woodward
Sunday October 31, 2010
I ordered a bracelet to celebrate our relatively new family of now four. This piece of art captures the love and spirit of our family, and is a great visual representation of that relationship! I couldn't be happier with this beautiful piece of jewelery!
Sunday October 31, 2010
I like my "Ava" necklace so much, I'm ordering another piece for my sister for Christmas. Thanks, Bev!
Sunday October 31, 2010
I love my Trisha necklace soo much. I get tons of compliments. I am actually ordering another one a little shorter so I can wear them together. They are delicate enough yet truly make a unique and personal statement.
Wednesday October 27, 2010
ETC made my necklaces for my sisters with such care and creativity. Plus, she was so patient with my requests and ideas. This will be a gift they can remember forever. Everyone should have at least one piece of ETC jewelry. Each design is unique and beautifully crafted.
Tracey Chaney
Tuesday October 26, 2010
I ordered the "Courtney" bracelet for a joining of my family. The bracelet is simple yet elegant. It feel so good to wear itas a symbol of my joined family as well as helping to support Beverly and her family with their adoption. Thank you Bev! Tracey